More power over electronic changes:

Chiptuning is a modern way to increase the performance of vehicles. Up to 30% more power can be achieved, sometimes even more. In addition, the torque is increased and the fuel consumption decreases. Practically, this is possible with all modern vehicles with electronically controlled fuel injection system.

The Speedkit is a chip tuning add-on module. The extra power is achieved by connecting the Speedkit to the CommonRail connector.

The Speedkit: An electronic supplement that sensibly increases the vehicles power output without affecting the standard engine management of the vehicle.
The Speedkit will be installed in a few minutes, no manipulation of the engine control unit is necessary.

The 2 ways to do chip tuning:

A distinction is made between the well-known chip tuning, software modification of the engine control unit and the optimization by the Speedkit Chiptuning additional electronics
When chiptuning by software modification, the serial EPROM is removed from the engine control unit and replaced with a new chip or loaded via the OBD diagnostic interface, a new software. The increase in performance through software is essentially based on a manipulation of the maps.
As part of the optimization by the Speedkit additional electronics no intervention in the control unit is required. Instead, an optimized value is leaked to the control unit from the additional electronics applied in parallel. As a result, the engine control unit automatically calculates the new additional power.
standard engine controller
Illustration of a classic engine control unit.

What advantages does the additional electronics offer over the chip tuning?

Each manufacturer gives its engines an emergency program on the way. If the electronics receive a value that does not correspond to the tolerance, the engine crashes into the emergency program.

This emergency program is stored on the serial chip. If this is replaced, the emergency program is often removed.

Since the additional electronics does not intervene in the Steuerergert, the emergency program is not changed. Thus, it can be ensured that the engine carries no damage from the Speedkit additional electronics.

Speedkit chip tuning electronic boost
Illustration of the Speedkit additional electronics

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